Process Systems and Control Engineering


From psacelab


We specialize in the field of process systems and control engineering, focusing on the development of computing technologies for smart and sustainable manufacturing and production. Our research aims to leverage principles from systems engineering, computing, and engineering to address the challenges in these areas. Currently, our active research pursuits encompass the following domains:

  • Optimal control and scheduling of large-scale systems: We employ model predictive control and artificial intelligence techniques to optimize the control and scheduling of complex systems. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we aim to enhance the efficiency and performance of large-scale industrial processes.
  • Modeling, estimation, and decomposition: Our research focuses on developing innovative approaches for modeling and estimation in order to achieve efficient control and optimization. We decompose complex problems into more manageable components, facilitating improved decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Sustainable engineering: We are actively involved in research related to carbon neutralization, energy systems optimization, water conservation, and biomedical engineering.

Through our research endeavors, we strive to make significant contributions to the fields of process systems and control engineering, fostering the development of smart and sustainable manufacturing and production. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and principles, we aspire to drive innovation and address critical challenges in these areas.